from the BEST
Automation by Innovation
One of the world's leading manufacturers of high performance automation solutions in the field of machine, motion, and robotic controls and devices. Fully scalable hardware and software platforms allow complete flexibility to achieve the ultimate price performance ratio.

                Scalable Control Modules                                                 Industrial PCs
       Mobile Hand-held Pendants                               Touch Sensitive Robotic Flange
               Stationary Panels                                                Servo Motors and Drives
                             I/O Modules                                                           Process Controls
                            RFID User ID                                   EtherNet, CAN, Sercos III, USB, TCB/IP

        CoDeSys - Based Control Logic                                      Kinematic Solutions                                             PLC Functionality                                                Multiple Robot Control
                Work Space Monitoring                                                 Palletizing
             Feedback Forward Control                                           Hand Shift Function
                   Controlled Dynamics                                                    Vision Interface
                      Trigger Function                                                             Dispensing  

                    Visualization Tools                                                     Standard Screens

                     Drive Optimization                                                    Safety Functions


KeMobile - hand-held pendants

KeCube - Scalable Industrial PCs

KeDrive - servo motors and drives

KeMotion - motion control applications

KePlast - controls for the Injection Molding Market

KeMotion Packaging - controls for Packaging Machinery

Kemro User ID - contact free user identification
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