Pitch Dark Superfly V Unboxing Nike Black Mercurial Football Boots

Pitch Dark Superfly V Unboxing Nike Black Mercurial Football Boots

One of the possibly unintended benefits of the ribs is that they provide feel like they give the boot's Flyknit a little bit extra padding when addressing the ball. While the Flyknit performs this function on its own, the added structure is almost like small ribs of extra padding running across most of the boot. It's a great addition when you're receiving a ball into your instep, bringing a ball out of the air on the edge of the toebox, or playing the ball with the inside or outside of your foot. The Superfly has never claimed to be about much outside of speed and flair, but there will be plenty of midfield maestros and defensive dynamos that will find a home in this boot. The Dynamic Fit Collar is the part of the boot which continues above the ankles and looks similar to a sock. This extension of the football boot is one of the most significant changes and the sock.like desing adds to keeping your feet in place. It creates a feeling of the boot being an extension of your body and legs. Your attention towards your feet is heightened and the level of interaction with the football is significantly raised.

Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Soccer Cleats Black/Blue/Gold

To ensure that the upper does not collapse and also to provide good stability in the boot, Nike have woven the brio-cables into the upper. The Brio-cables serve to keep your foot in place inside the boot and help provide the unique fit that you get from the Superfly. Furthermore, the Brio-cables will react to even the smallest movement, which results in a more optimal use of your speed.

One common issue for most players is the heaviness of a cleat shoe or boot. This weight typically comes from the sole plate. While this sole plate and cleats are necessary to maintain traction and control on textured surfaces such as a natural field this extra weight bogs the player down just at the time when mobility is necessary. Nike's lightweight alternative is a carbon fiber plate with direct injected blades that give the wearer a maximum grip for fast starts and quick direction with the feeling of weighted heavier cleat.

Nike Jr. Mercurial Superfly V Big Kids Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat Size 5Y (Red)

The all-new Nike Mercurial Veloce III provides a totally different look than before, mostly thanks to the addition of a Dynamic Fit collar. Featuring a similar upper to the Mercurial Vapor, the Nike Mercurial Veloce III soccer cleats include Flyknit for the heightened collar part. They are available for $155.
There's no doubt that the Superfly V is a high performing and elite level boot, with that being said the launch colour-way hasn't proved to be for everyone through the opposing Total Crimson/Pink Blast tones at either side panel. The Superfly V was first unveiled in alternative solid visuals or Red, Blue, and White which looked far more elegant compared to half and half design so it was a shame Nike didn't continue to create such paint-jobs.

Our Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG provides stability and exceptional ball touch. Its cleats are designed for superior traction on short-grass fields.

Nike Jr. Mercurial Superfly V Big Kids Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat Size 5Y (Red) .


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